Journeys of Hope was founded because we recognised that there is enormous stigma attached to Postnatal Depression and lack of information for mums, dads and their families.

The founders of Journeys to Hope came together because of their own experiences of Postnatal Depression and their drive and passion to make a difference, and because of the need to challenge the current poor provision of services and support for women and their families.

The original group of four people who had the vision to start Journeys of Hope are now supported by a Chief Executive and a Board of Trustees and supporters who want to help them make a difference.

Our aim is to become a nationwide information hub, the go to place for public and professionals alike. We want you to know that having Postnatal Depression is not your fault, that you are not alone and that you will get better. This website is the starting point of your journey: somewhere we hope that you will find the information, advice and help in your journey away from Postnatal Depression and towards fulfilling and happy parenting.

Join us on our Journeys of Hope.